Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 5-day countdown to easter!

Are you aware that Easter is only a few days away!? That's crazy to me. Granted my 6 year old is getting more skeptical all the time, starting to ask questions that make me think she might be too smart for her own good. Regardless as long as she plays along I will too, so really, I need to get prepared for Easter.

From Saturday's festivities
I'm not a fully crunchy momma, but certainly picky about food that we have in the house. We occasionally stop for french fries or froze yogurt. Her papa lets her have soda, and grandma takes her out for pancakes. However, we also eat fruits and veggies, every day, and  buy or grow organic as often as possible. I just don't want her to be the sugar fiend that has become such a norm for kids. And was a norm for me.

So when holidays like Easter roll around I cringe, all I see is calories, sugars and artificial ingredients pouring out of baskets and slapped into little plastic eggs. We attended a community hunt on Saturday that provided just that, jelly beans, laffy taffy, and bubble gum filled the really cute eggs she collected. Out of the 25 eggs she collected there was 1 non candy item. A mini yo-yo that broke when she tried to use it. Did I mention Whole Foods was a major sponsor of the event? Anyone else see the contradiction there?

So I have vowed to make P's eggs candy free this year. She received plenty on Saturday and there are so many other great options!
Here is my top 5 list of things (other than candy) to include in your eggs this year:
Stickers - We found coloring pages that come with stickers at target. I cut up the stickers and put them in eggs so she can add the stickers as she finds them.

Puzzle Pieces - this is a great way to pack many eggs. She can collect the pieces and put the puzzle together until she has them all.
Temporary Tattoos - This is a great spin-off from stickers and gives her something to take to school on Monday and show off.
Nail Polish/makeup - she's at that age where cheap sparkly nail polish and flavored chapsticks are a big hit. Finding mini sizes keeps it easy to use, and quick to use-up
Coins - nickles, dimes, quarters and pennies... anything to make that piggy bank heavier, because Yay money!

I also love getting creative while filling her basket (which happens to be a tote bag this year) and away from sugar coma options. We're big gardeners, it's one of the things I love about summer, so with this being just around the corner I love to give her things to help out.

This kit from target is fantastic, gloves, shovels a rake and water bottle. Plus an adorable apron and it all packs into a tote to keep it organized.

We're also including some new flower seeds, her very own tomato plant, and a DVD from Strawberry Shortcake: Bloomin' Berry Gardens. Because you can't break theme right?

What is going in your Easter baskets this year? Any tips for getting away from the sugar craze that seems to plague these holidays?

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  1. I hear ya. We give her a free pass on holidays but we're not a fan of all that sugar either. We usually fill her basket with a book, toy, and organic candies.