Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And then we all went POP

Last Saturday was one of my favorite parties of the year. Skills presents Pop 2014 The Dream   this massive event brings tens of thousands of music lovers together, for a night of glorious dancing, new connections and stunning lights. I would even call it a little Crazy.

There are many negative stereotypes and unflattering mainstream views of the idea of a rave. But in reality, there is something ethereal about events like this rave, party, edm event,whatever you want to call them. In my experience they are a blessed look at the true beauty in all people.

Everyone I met was offering bracelets, sharing stories, passing around water and checking on their fellow dancers. I have new instafriends, tweeps to follow and fan pages to keep up with. I am only now getting fully rehydrated and remembering each and every detail.

There were many things I want to dive into about this party, the memorizing music, awesome light show, and fantastic people... but there weren't the words. I could give you a play by play, my favorite song from each act, I can try to recall all the people we met, the thrill of having a VIP wristband and the wonder of getting to see some of my favorite people. I kept trying to find the words... and then went to visit the event page and found this:
I think this very well spoken young man hit the nail on the head. He speaks to why we attend these parties. It's about feeling accepted and fitting in, no matter who you are. People come with good intentions, people come to dance and laugh, people just come out. It's a wonderful beautiful sense of camaraderie. I feel blessed to be part of such a gracious crowd.

Okay I'll leave you with one song so you can understand just how awesome it all was. Here was the first tracks (one of my favorites) played by the headliner Dash Berlin:


  1. Never been to something like that but so glad you had a good time!

  2. Wow, sounds amazing! My husband was a raver when they first came out back in the day.. and he had the same viewpoint as you. It was never about drugs or partying for him. Just a place to dance his ass off and feel like he belonged :) xo