Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My first and Best work family

What is it about certain work places that just make everyone seem like family. In 2005 I took a weekend job at a hotel, while I went to school in San Francisco during the week week. Just a weekend job to earn a little cash to pay for my Starbucks addiction.

The hotel's goal was to provide a "home away from home" which it did well, however some people got a little too comfortable. Like the group that brought a case of beer to the lobby, put their bare feet up and proceeded to camp out there until midnight. We often had people with far to little clothes on. And guests who experiences a few too many wineries that day. We saw highschool proms and were the headquarters for 1500 runners of a local marathon.

We had couples fight and want separate rooms, we had traveling colleagues who wanted connecting rooms and we had a professional sports team who moved in for over a month and created pure chaos. I helped parents give their kids with Easter baskets and letters from Santa. I helped husbands surprise their wives from 3 states away, and boyfriends get down on one knee for the ever epic "yes".

Among all the celebrations, the madness, the events, there was something so much more memorable for me. Among the smiling faces that made your reservations and called a cab for dinner, ensured your wake up calls were set, solved every travel dilemma, met every preference. Those smiling faces who were yelled at, blamed for lost luggage, and expected to do the impossible. Those smiling faces, are now these smiling faces.

and they're some of the most epic souls I have ever known. The 5 people in this picture haven't been together in over 7 years. It was wonderful to hear about new positions, new kids, and new spouses. This team came together this weekend to bid a proper farewell to one of our own. One of our sisters from work, one of the girls who worked with us to manage these crazy nights, long days, and all of the travelers. 

This group pulled together to check in dozens of people in no time, we solved problems and kept our sanity. We learned, together, to meet all brand standards and then take a verbal beating. We listened to people who were upset with their room, their delayed flight, their lost bags, or their drunk girlfriend. We listened, made it better, and sent them on their way. There's something about having a work family that makes it a little easier to go in every day. This family made it easier to leave my daughter at home and go back to work. In the end these people made it all better, fixed me and then sent me on my way.

Do you have a work family?
Do your coworkers make your job easier?

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