Thursday, March 20, 2014

I can't wait for Summer because.... A link up!

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Hello Friends,

I'm jumping into a great link up that makes me so happy to start thinking about the wonderful warmth of Summer. Can we start off without this song.... No I don't think so:

1. Dresses: All dresses. I love summer mornings - Shower, hair, makeup, dress, sandals, accessories and go. No need for the dozens of sweater/scarf/boots/pants options to choose from.

2. VEGGIES! Daddy built me gorgeous Veggie beds last year, that turn a great crop. Napa also hosts a bi-weekly Farmers Market and the farm stand BIG Ranch Farms near my house opens with a fantastic bounty of fresh produce. I'm so excited to get back to diving in to a giant tomato salad.
MMM these will be so full soon!

3. Grilling! Time to fire up the BBQ again for dinner, steaks, garlic bread and squash all on the grill which means no dirty pans. Add paper plates and sit outside and the house remains wonderfully clean.

4. Napa City Nights : this is one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night. We take a huge pile of hoops, a few bottles of wine, and hang out in the grass of a downtown park to listen to live music from local bands.
4. Little Hooper at NCN

5. Suuhhummer Niaaaahiights those long hot nights, where you can sit outside just about anywhere and enjoy the cool air.Can't wait to make use of every porch, patio and other alfresco drinking dining options in Napa.

6. Swim Lessons - Little princess comes home exhausted and proud of herself - two things every parent dreams of! And she looks so darn cute doing it:
7. Day Drinking: there's something about summer that  makes it perfectly acceptable to crack your first beer or mini sparkling bottle at 10am. 

8. Finally it will bring me one step closer to my first trip "home" to Burning Man, and enjoying the 15someodd fundraisers to help get Opulent Temple (the sound camp we'll be with) get there too.

Please visit Helene and  Taylor to grab a button and link up with them,  this is a great way to let us daydream our way to warmer days and nights.

What's your favorite thing about summer?


  1. I look forward to summer too. Long hot nights swimming and it seems that everyone calms down a bit. So ready for it!

  2. This post just made me so excited for summer! I am wearing a summer dress for the first time today since it will be nearly 80 degrees here in Houston this afternoon. & I bought a new baiting suit last weekend.. I cannot wait to hang out by the pool & drink some summer beers! Have a good weekend!

  3. I'm so jealous because we've just finished Summer!!
    Dresses and swimming are two of my fave things about summer!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog x