Nice To Meet You

Hello, welcome to my little corner of the blogging world. I'm a young mom, nearing the end of my 20's and living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. A land of wine and amazing food, combined with art, music and nature.

Writing has been a personal pastime for most of my life. I'm often that girl with a notebook while waiting for my coffee or journaling on my phone. I've always adored the ability to go revisit my feelings, passions and emotions years later. As my little continues to find her own forms of expression, I hope to instill a little bit of the scribe gene in her as well.

 This is my little girl wonder, full of life and love. She's so much the little girl that I always dreamed to have. Passionate about magic, Tinkerbelle, mermaids and princesses.She puts on pink tutus and wears crowns and spins in circles for fun.

On top of her glittery girlyness, She also plays in the dirt, runs with the boys and wants to go huntin' with her papa. She plays with legos and gets excited to watch He-Man. Which makes her a girl I like to watch explore.

Finally she is a girl I'll be proud to leave to the world. She's vibrant and creative, witty and articulate. She loves to try new things, test limits, and engage people. I hope she'll one day teach or nurture others with her vibrant spirit.

Together we dance, giggle, and create. Hula hoop, play and discover. Together she and I are taking on the world.Often with help from family and friends. But some days its just us. in our sweet little home, with our herd of mutts, a large back porch and adorable french doors.
I hope you enjoy a peek into my wondrous world.

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