Friday, April 4, 2014

Earn the Burn: This is Yogabitch

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I want to introduce you to someone I make snarky comments to several times a week. She's calm and encouraging, and gives great constructive criticism. Yet is a perfect example of why I don't go to the gym.
could she be anymore obnixoulsy supportive?

This is who I affectionately call Yogabitch. I'm slowly getting back into shape and the Wii U Fit has been a big part of my progress. Being a single mom hinders my ability to go out for a run, take a class, and my single mom budget hinders my ability to afford the gym membership plus daycare (is $10 per dropoff really necessary?)

So my most common workout happens at home, on the WiiU balance board, with Yogabitch. She instructs and encourages, and makes it so easy for me to take out my personal frustrations on. There's something so annoying about Yoga being hard for me... is that just me?  Stretching shouldn't be difficult, yet I find myself sore, sweaty, and being judgingly encouraged by Yogabitch.

It's funny to me how one calm voice, of a computer animated woman, can get under my skin. But I feel it has much to do with me facing my own inadequacies more than her being incorrect. However, my inadequacies taken out on a computer generated, non feeling personality, makes things just a little bit easier. She gives me a chance to be angry and get my frustration of daily duldrums out. Besides Yoga should get easier at some point right?

What helps you work out?
 Does calmness help you when you're frustrated?

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