Thursday, March 6, 2014

Letting the Crazy In

So Tuesdays tend to be my nights "off". P goes to grandma's and I get to focus on me a bit. My honey works until 10 or 11 so I tend to break into his house (also known as borrowing his keys, with his and his roommates permission) and hang out on his couch. With TV edited movies and sitcoms in syndication. I write and catch up with my favorite bloggers. I appreciate the quiet, and lack of obligation to clean something. So in tonight's glow of Big Bang Theory and getting snuggled by Roommates cat; I ran past the upstairs window to see people on the front stoop. Three odd nomads in from their migration of California.

As Arty, his roommate got home, and a few others came by, we were quickly settled to spend some time catching up and somehow got to telling tales from high school and college. Days long before we all knew each other. The sight made me chuckle a group of kids that never knew eachother then, that lived on opposing corners of campus, well and different campuses for most of us, who strangely seem to have similar stories to tell and views of the last 10 to15 years.

To be honest, we looked a little like the breakfast club sitting there. However there was one thing that we all seemed to have in common that held true. Social construct was not something any of us held ourselves to.We weren't the kids that wanted to fit the mold, we had no desire to plan pep rallies or make the Varsity squad in anything.We'd rather make memories and make things last.

We all spent weekends catching live shows in small clubs, really connecting with strangers, and trying things we may never get the chance to again. (Riding shopping carts down the most crooked road in Napa anyone?) I realized these friends now, like the friends I had in Highschool, taught me that I want to have memories. I want stories to tell my future teenagers that make them want to take a chance on themselves. Maybe go for a night hike rather than to the football game, pickup book instead just an iPhone, watch the sunrise rather than pass-out drunk at 2am. The best stories we had, the real memories, the things that made us smile were the things that started out as crazy ideas. Those moments that made the 'cool kids' think you were nuts.

POP - Sound go Round 2012

Even now, when I leave after a full workday bound for a full night in the city. Plan to go to the desert for 7 days with nothing but what I can pack. When my daughter and I wear feather boas and dance around the house. When I looked in the mirror, 7 years ago, and decided that I princess and I would be just fine alone. These are moments when I forgot convention, I skipped the hesitation that comes with being judged and I threw the door open to crazy. Try it! Next time the voice in your head proclaims "that's crazy" answer it with "that's what I like about the idea."

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  1. Love this mentality, Katie! I'm definitely gonna try it out. Because I say "thats crazy" all the time ;)