Monday, January 6, 2014

Taco Trucks, Stuffed Penguins and NFC Playoffs

Hello, can you believe it's MONDAY? Where did the time go this weekend?

I'm actually keeping up with my challenge and have been quite proud. 4 Days strong! Friday Artimus picked me up for lunch... mmm taco truck! (Is that just a California thing?) I spent the 20 minute wait hooping in the parking lot. Which was fine until I missed a toss and almost hit someone else's car. Well at least it was a light hoop.

We planned to spend Friday evening taking down the rest of Christmas (it looks so bare), at the very least the tree. Our local boy scout troupe comes by and collects trees for a donation and they were scheduled for Saturday Morning. However I got a text from a lovely friend about 7 asking where I was. I thought we had plans Saturday rather than Friday... texting miscommunication. So like the loyal drinking buddy friend I am, I dropped everything, touched up my eyeliner, and headed downtown for a glass of bubbles to celebrate her arrival to 28. Artimus dropped me off because I can get a little carried away when I drink bubbles, and when I'm with Jaimee, so the combination did not forecast me driving myself home. ha!

We took on Napa's downtown with a mission to catch up and enjoy some of the hot-spots. I met her at the Thomas (Negroni on tap), then we moved on to 1313 (bubbles and small bites), and Morimoto's (Cucumber gimlets, sushi, and smore). Then we stoped at a local dive for a cheap beer while we waited for our chariot. I super love the Thomas in it's old-world awesomeness, Morimotos is glamourous but a bit snooty and 1313 was worth a shot but not somewhere I'd really head back to. Although they do get brownie points for putting a birthday candle in our mac'n'cheese bites.

However, we did find an adorable penguin hanging out on a table unattended. He almost became Jaimee's birthday present but she turned down my thoughtfulness. 

Saturday was spent cleaning and with a trip to costco, I was feeling like old mother hubbard over here and am now much more satisfied with a full pantry. My honey went to work from 4 to 11 so I pigged out on pasta with my sister and Netflix. Hooping happened around 5 for almost an hour as I watched P ride her new bike from Santa.

Sunday's hooping was in the garage again, because that was warmer than outside. It limits some tricks though with the ceiling. I felt good about getting it in before we settled in to watch the 49ers beat the Packers for the NFC Wild Card slot in the Playoffs.

It was a delicious weekend.... although a little more expensive than I would've liked. Damn Costco! Hope you're all as well rested as these two:
Does everyone have Taco Trucks or is that really a California thing?
Have the Holiday decorations been taken down?
What was the best thing you drank this weekend?


  1. We have taco trucks up here in Seattle, but they're NO where as good as the ones in Cali... says my Cali-born hubby! ;)

    Happy New Year friend! xo

    1. Ha, you'll have to compare next time you all are down here. I understand Seattle has its fair share of great food though, so I would assume he's not suffering too much. :)

  2. Food trucks are getting really popular here in Houston! They get great reviews but I havent tried any yet! & That picture is so cute!

    1. You should give them a shot, there's something kind of fun about the whole experience.

      I couldn't resist sharing that picture; those two are just too cute together. Thanks for coming by