Friday, January 10, 2014

Fantastic Fabulous 5 on Friday

Since I don't want this to be all soul-searching and guilt tripping. I'll finish off the week with a link up. Go check out the ladies listed on the logo for more 5 on Friday fabulousness!

*1* We took down the Holiday decorations at work and wanted to start something for Valentine's. How cute are these:

You can find the full pattern at:

I'll have to share when I'm done, which I hope will be soon.

*2* This is a blog post I'm totally torn between loooving and being annoyed with the fact it needs to be labeled. The fact that a Curvy Hooper needs to be considered a separate category stings just a bit. We're all hoopers, we all love what we do, why does dress size matter. I appreciate her sharing and commenting on the fact
that she points out how many people comment on her size, but it hurts a little that its even an issue. Regardless I love her attitude and hooping and general sharing overall and that she calls out all curvy hoopers to put themselves out there for the world to see their amazing talents! Check out Lissa full post here:

*3* This happened on my Facebook this week: 

My sister joked that it since Toy Story 3 we all just want to see lost toys returned to their owners. So they don't go all dictator Lotso on a pre-school

*4* Part of this weekend will be dedicated to breaking out one of P's Christmas Presents: a build your own fort kit! Yes, awesome I know, I'm super excited. I'll have to share what we come up with but it looks like this:
You can find one HERE for the wonderful kids in your life (to come see when they visit you).
*5* This was passed around the office this morning... it sufficiently took up a solid half hour of distraction.

I'll think I just finish things there. Cheers!


  1. Ahh that gif you ended with is so oddly satisfying I can't look away. I love the little crochet garland hearts as well but unfortunately I never got the hang of crochet. Are you going to make it? It's fantastic I would love to see a pic when you're finished!

  2. A build your own fort?! That is awesome!
    I hope you've had a good weekend.