Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting 2014 off with a challenge

I don't make resolutions, because to be frank I never quite take them seriously. I'm always amazed that so many people seem to. Many of the bloggers I read did a 'wrap up' of last years goals and how many they accomplished. I was in awe, and just like so many other things lately, I thought, "if they can, maybe I can to". 

30/30 Hooping Challenge
So this is my start. However a year seems like an overwhelming amount of time to commit. So I'm starting with a 30 day goal, well joining a 30day goal. Hopefully they'll grow from there, but this seems much more feasible. I hope you take a minute read more about the Hoopy New Year Challenge and consider joining. No time like the present to become a new hooper!

So starting tonight, I will hoop at least 30minutes a day for 30days in January! The community hosts these a few times a year so I'm looking forward to joining them. I'll keep you all updated throughout the month and may even add extra little goals, tricks I want to learn or a number of new places to hoop.  I'm looking forward to staring the year off on a good hooping rhythm!

What are some of your goals for early 2014?
Are you a resolution-er or very anti?
Have you ever picked up a hoop?


  1. 30 minutes of hooping a day!? That's impressive!! GOOD LUCK with your resolution-go girl!

  2. I am pro resolution, I love them! I just need to post them.

  3. Hooping, as in hula hooping? Why don't I know what this is?? lol

    Good call on the 30 day resolution, a year is too overwhelming and I always fail in no time flat. 30 days is way more manageable.

    1. Haha yes Hula Hooping! It's really come back in the last few years as a fitness and expressive activity. Its so much fun and an easy way to exercise and play. You can make your own hoop and play at your own pace. My sister in law got me started its so much fun and you can learn all you need to know on youtube. Search Hoop Dance some day. You won't be disappointed.