Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cupcakes, Fastfood and Portlandia | Sunday Social

I'm joining Ashley and Neely with their link-up today for Sunday Social! Visit one of their pages to find the full listed of linked up blogs that participated this week!

1. How much time do you spend on Social Media a day? honest
Social media being: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - probably 1 hour a-day over several sessions. Throw Pinterest and Blogloving in there and that number probably triples. 
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2. How long were you reading blogs before you started a blog?
I've read personal blogs for years, on and off. Friends would start up a new venture and have me hooked for a while, then I'd sink back into not reading. 

3. What is your favorite kind of cupcake?
Sift Cupcake + Dessert Bar made this little baby in a effort to win Cupcake Wars. It is SO good!
Almond cake with a blueberry tequila filling, topped with acai berry cream cheese frosting

4. Do you eat fast food? If so whats your favorite?
In'n'out is one of the only fast food places I eat these days, because it's worth it. Non Californian's put this place on your bucket list... SO GOOD!


5. What is the most random thing someone would find in your purse?
Teeth... My daughter's teeth from her last trip to the dentist.  
I swear I'm not Gormogon!

6. What is the weirdest TV show you watch?
Portlandia - So funny, so awkward, so worth it!

As always I hope you participate with us, I love reading these.  If you repost please be sure to link up with the girls above. Part of my Sunday morning is now dedicated to couch time while reading all of these! Have a wonderful weekend.  

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I need to find an In N Out. I've never been to one.

  2. That is too funny you have teeth in your purse! And oh man those cupcakes sound AMAZING!!

  3. The teeth in the purse cracked me up! haha I've heard great stories about In N Out Burgers! Sadly, we don't have access to one here in my part of the world.

  4. Mmmmm cupcakes!
    I am off to "stalk" you on social media ;-)
    Have a great week!

  5. Ive heard In'n Out is a must try for visitors in Cali! Hopefully I'll be able to find one while Im there this week.

  6. The only fast food I eat is Chick fil A. O gosh, now I want a chicken sandwich!

  7. I'm just starting to get into Portlandia. Sometimes I don't get what they're trying to say but when I do get it - it's hysterically brilliant.

    Fast Food? Not often but when I do it's totally Chickfila.

    My favorite cupcakes come from a shop in Orlando. She puts soft gooey goodness inside the cupcake. It's so amazing.