Monday, February 17, 2014

In the wake of Valentine's our world could use more love

In the wake of candy hearts and pink sparkles you would think love has some overwhelming hold on the world. You'd think all the mushy flower-buying saps would have worn off on general society. That trends like galentines day might have brightened this weekend. However I feel like I experienced more F(orget) Valentines day sentiments than ever before. Which really makes me sad. This year I happen to be attached, but I've spent many Valentine's days single and found much more fulfilling ways to celebrate. At the end of the day, what is wrong with a day focused on adoration and telling someone you care about them. If you're having trouble being alone make plans with your girls, send flowers to your sister or take yourself to the spa.I think my conclusion about how to make Valentine's a better day is this: Romantic relationships aren't the only ones you should express you should celebrate. Moms, friends, dads, cousins and even coworkers could use a little spoiling too.

So what prompted this express your love ramble? Looking around my world, regardless of their relationship statuses, too many people need a little extra love. So I guess watching the sulking singles was a little hard for me. I have friends and family waiting on pins and needles over test results, planned surgeries, and simply hoping their loved one wont get worse. My aunt is grieving for a friend who lost her husband, suddenly, without any current answer as to why. A childhood friend and fellow blogger is simply questioning her faith and spending time trying not to panic. My future father in law and his wife spent Sunday at a celebration of life saying goodbye to a friend of 53 years. We live in world with so much pain, and tragedy. So many heart-wrenching tales of pain I wish I could help with, that seeing anger over hallmark's favorite holiday just feels like a waste of energy this week.

So here I would like to challenge you, and will participate myself. Next week, spread more love than sugar on Valentine's day. Take this week to buy an extra cup of coffee, send a friend a cute 'thinking of you' card, call your grandma even if she talks for 45 minutes. Invite that girl at work out for a drink, you know the one that just moved here and doesn't know many people.

I want to make an effort this week to do this as well. Write thank you cards, bring flowers to a friend, drop off a casserole for a neighboring family. I have a list of ideas but also want to hear yours! Please share any kindness you've extended, or wish to extend this week.


  1. In . Doing this bc yes we need to spread love.
    Thanks for the challenge!