Monday, February 10, 2014

Genuine, Authentic, Indubitable

In this mixed up effort to find a more organized life I've been realizing that I must decide what it is I want to be, portray and share about my life. Of course, there are things off limits to the blog, but what exactly am I holding back that maybe shouldn't be. There's something to be said for staying super positive, but when does that come at the cost of being genuine.

Here are some things I do know: I want to share more of my real life (not just fluff), I want to share more of my hometown in all it's glory, I want to share more of my love (not just the person, the entity that is our love), I want to share my struggles and successes as a parent. I want to focus on who I am becoming as much as who I am. So hopes dreams goals and aspirations will be presented. Passions, plans and accomplishments will be more transparent.

I think I set out to make this a journal more than anything, and I fell into something more trivial than that. So be prepared for more lessons and explorations. If you'll bear with me it should be a fun ride. I'd like to tie in more of what I do, what I really desire and why I'm here. Hope you'll stick around.

What do you feel most compelled to blog about?
What would you like to write about more?
What would you like to read about more?


  1. Go girl! I love this. I felt the same way recently, and started my "Thoughts" column which I feel sort of gives me permission to dig deeper. I look forward to your new direction! xo

  2. Love it! Sometimes it is hard for me to think of blog posts.. It works out best when I am not thinking about it. Something cool just pops in my head and I can write about it. I have yet to write a very deep post because most of the time it is hard for me to put my feelings in words.