Friday, January 28, 2011

Princess Dreams II

There are no diapers allowed at Disneyland, you can't take them in. That was our dedicated, agreed upon rule for Peyton. She had to have no accidents during the day before we can go. It was a long wait... but she made it. Just before Christmas, and with that we planned Disneyland. Last week, we went.

I'm so glad we went when we did, she is just the right age to fulfill the Disneyland dream. She was so excited to begin with. We walked in the park and met Minnie Mouse right away, then we got to see Mickey at his house. She was thrilled and giggly and wanted to see everything all at once. So thrilled to see the castle and the tree house and and and... We were 45 minutes into our first evening and I was exhausted! We found a seat for the fireworks and snuggled in on the ground. She's a BIG fan of fireworks anyway. Lots of oohs and ahhs. There was great music and plenty of excitement.  Then it happened, a Faerie flew across the sky above us, and Peyton totally lost it.


Any second thoughts, any stress, any exhaustion... all gone. My baby girl believes in magic, in fantasy, in fairies. That's all I've ever wanted for her, to believe in everything. To have a life where she believes nothing bad ever can happen. It made me cry to hear such joy in her voice. I was so happy that she really believes in fairies, princesses, and pirates. She met Cinderella also. And Pluto and Alice.

She had an amazing trip that I'll always cherish if nothing else. She was also an amazing kid. We drove, from Napa to Anaheim is about 9 hours on the road. She was a good kid, read her books, and slept. Ate in restaurants and used her manners. Said please and thank you and ordered for herself most places.

It was a more emotional trip than I would have ever expected. She made me laugh and cry and soo terribly proud of her. I know in 10 years she probably wont remember this trip. I'm so glad we went

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