Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Princess Birthday Success - Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn!

I don't like grocery-store cupcakes. That may sound snobby and maybe it is, but they're oily and the frosting is always way too sweet and overall flavorless. So, if I'm splurging on a cupcake, it better be a damn good one. That being said if you are ever close enough (or willing to pay shipping) do yourself a favor and check out Sift Cupcakes, they're divine and totally worth the calories.

But I digress... My cupcake rant was started from pretty girl's birthday request. She wanted the cute pink cupcakes from Safeway for her class birthday and I made a face, which she giggled at. I'm too stubborn to send her with the same hum-drum cupcakes her friends had, which was combined with my distaste for bad cupcakes I hoped would lead to a little creativity. As her birthday drew near, I felt stuck.

A friend recommended one of the great Snack Mixes posted by Little Baby Garvin, which was great but that meant another trip to the store, which in my post birthday party haze, I wasn't exactly prepared for. Instead I decided to improvise a bit with what I knew I could dig out of my cupboards: came up with popcorn, an assortment of chocolate chips, and sprinkles and here is what happened next:

Air popped popcorn (about 3 cups un-popped), with just a hint of salt. Spread out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper:

Melt milk and white chocolate

Then drizzle, drizzle, sprinkle:

I put handfuls of the mix into sandwich bags for easy serving in class - what are some of your boring treat alternatives?


  1. Buttercream Bakery cupcakes. The best ever. Had one (and a half) today actually. I am obsessed now with sprinkle popcorn. I dream about it. Not really. But my mouth is now watering!

    1. mmmm Buttercream is good! I'll have to find time to get over there. We ordered sift mini cupcakes for a work party a few weeks ago - it reignited my flame. :) Make popcorn! Just go easy on the chocolate and then its just popcorn, which really isn't that bad for you, and everyone needs sprinkles (at least) once a week right? Although I'm feeling inspired to add gummy bears to my next batch. Christmas treats? :D

  2. Oh wow, I'll have to try this next movie night! I usually go savory and sprinkle my popcorn with cheese :) xo

  3. wow! that chocolate drizzle popcorn looks absolutely delicious! then throw sprinkles on them!? hot dang-i want those NOW! i agree with your view of crappy oily store bought cupcakes (although i will still totally eat them if someone hands me one)!