Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hooping Love - Fitspiration

My hooping was mentioned in my piece about the collection of fairly random classes . However I guess I didn't quite expand on hooping and how it has become part of my life.
Hooping has created a safe and quiet space in my workout that creates a ray of light even on my roughest days. There is something so meditative about being stuck in a circle and creating expression through movement. A sense of prideful accomplishment with new tricks and a larger drive to keep
trying when it didn't pan out. There's always something new to learn and what's more exciting is someone new to learn from.

There is a super rad "love note"  from a hoop blogger Anah, my favorite excerpt:

"I felt with anyone holding a simple plastic circle. This person could be old or young, any race, any political affiliation and of any gender. If they had a hoop, they were family… period. Just like any family, some felt closer than others, but the love was always there" 

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