Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bad Sick Mommy

I'm currently in bed, I've been run-down at the end of every work day, by the time I'm home at 6pm I'm weepy, sore, and ready to collapse. All the signs of fighting off some sort of bug. Normal people (from what I'm told) take action. They stock up the medicine cabinet and consume nothing but tea and soup for a few days. Apparently I'm not normal, I despise cold medicine and the lagging wonky feeling it tends to cause. Which is funny based on some past decisions of ingestion I've made in the past. hrmmm

Regardless here I am banished to rest, yes this is my version of rest. After a few hours of crocheting => while watching Netflix this is the next least exhaustive thing I can do. Really I'm bad at this. I don't
know how to not make use of my time. I'm not saying I don't love diving into the couch and wearing out my DVR, but I rarely just watch. I watch while blogging, I watch while working in my art journal, I watch while painting my nails, I watch by doing our laundry, or I watch while organizing bills.

So in order to keep from going batshitcrazy feeling like I was wasting time I decided to do a little research instead. Here are my some of my finds from the bed ridden:

My sister-in-law always seems to have the greatest little shrugs, which are ideal for this crazy California weather. She passed on MissFitClothing's Etsy Shop which has tons of them. I think I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.

I'm a complete sucker for Hot and Sour Soup but never looking into making it, it seemed complicated somehow... but leave it to The Daily Meal to make it easy. This is definitely on my list of meals this winter!

I'm a very intermittent crocheter, fairly decent at it when I do it. I'm in the middle of a beautiful large blanket but found these great pattern for wrist-warmers from Lulu Loves who always has a wonderful project inspiration. but I actually need to finish a project to make use of new inspiration...Here's what I've been working for a few *cough 8* months

Here are a few blogs that have kept me entertained during my confinement:
Two blogs about beautiful lives and fantastic fashion from great Mommas:
Two hilarious ladies dedicated to fit lifestyle:
And two beautiful blogs that celebrate general loveliness:

How do you recover when you're not feeling well?
What's your best Netflix recommendation?

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  1. Have you watch Pretty Little Lairs. As I told Larry- We have nothing in common until you watch it. Got him hooked and I plan to do the same to you. (Think of it as returning the favor when you passed along OTH to me!)

    Feel better!