Friday, September 27, 2013

Marketing to Millennials.... Wait I'm a millennial

I've always had an interest in marketing. A look at how we take in the things around us. No one is immune to marketing. Everyone relates to something about a brand. Whether it be a sensory experience, favorite colors, sounds, smells or textures.

Or just a feeling, that's always a sign of good marketing for me, when I can't quite tell you why I like it. When its more about essence and emotion than tangible aspect. That's when marketing hooks me and makes me think about a brand.

Benefit does a great job of this; their marketing and social media are all fun, bright and delightful. I'm not a bit fan of pink, or their creepy vintage doll heads but their whole image. Sweet, classic, vintage. They constantly use words like "gorgeous" and "lovely", which are things I say. Glorious round soft words that create an environment where every woman feels beautiful. An essence that makes me feel lovely and like I'd fit right in.

This leads me to think about my consumerism. At work, our department is required to seek approval of our marketing team but we rarely get insight into their future plans. Last week we got a look at the coming year, and the targeted market, which just happens to sound familiar. The key aspects are: millennial  (25-40) mostly female, disposable income, and status seeker (which I'd never admit out loud). This slide from our marketing team, was targeted at me.

It actually made me happy. Let me known I was in the right place and solidified my brand loyalty, and that I was working for the right company.

Now if only I didn't have to try to explain the appeal of the essence to the rest of my coworkers. 

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