Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last (well only) summer rain...

It rained on Saturday. Not drizzled or misted with the morning fog. Really rained. From 6am to 4pm it came down steady and we got almost an inch on the valley floor.

For local vineyard managers this isn't the best news. It has all the potential to ruin most of the crops left on the vine. So this rain means we brace ourselves for catastrophe as an industry.

However on a personal level this rain is delicious. This rain comes on one of the few days I don't have my daughter, which is always a little disorienting for me, so the rain made it perfectly acceptable to dive into fall properly. Movies and soup and a well worn couch. I spend the day dressed in leggings and a log sweater and a scarf. I always forget how much I like scarves. 

My honey had to work which I guess was both a little disappointing and selfishly nice. It was good to have a day to reflect, to write and to feel the seasons change. Happy fall! 

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