Friday, December 6, 2013

The happiest season of all - just try to catch your breath

My coworker just found out there is a town named Center Sandwich in New Hampshire... We are now making plans to go there, sit in the center of town and eat the center of a sandwich... I think the holidays are officially affecting our sanity. 

In the wine industry we are currently  nearing the end of OND (October, November, December). I have prepared for this season reorganized my files and stocked my desk with sparkling water and Larabars, found extra care for Little P and have countless to-do lists floating around. This is crunch time were incessantly busy for 12 weeks trying to process thousands of orders and ensure every single customer's Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, Christmas, and New Years tables hold the exact perfect wine to make their holiday season.

Yountville's newest #charliebrowntree
Please don't take this all as a bad
thing. Its my favorite season at work really. I thrive on chaos and constant movement, and in January when it's all said and done the members that call us back just to say thank you for our recommendation, sweet note, or extra-effort that helped their family celebrate the way they should. Which helps but doesn't completely account for the stress, because there's still a bit of a disconnect. So on Monday our team took a mini field trip out of the office to the overpass we're closest to in Yountville. Under the overpass is the sweetest little scraggly tree (fern?) that seems to have been there forever. We felt the sweet little tree needed some love and decided to do something about it.

How do you all spread cheer this time of year?
What is your busiest time of year? 
Where is the strangest city name you've heard lately?

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  1. Center Sandwich? Crazy name for a town! & That tree is cute & hilarious.