Monday, February 21, 2011

'I just did what every mature adult would; pretended I didn't see him"

I'm terribly guilty of this action. Avoidance. I've been all mixed up and not wanting to talk about things or deal with them at all.

I work my way around issues rather than through them. Which I'm working on. So the break up was final, I've moved out all of my stuff and sat down the other night and said "well, now what?"

The house hadn't closed, thank heavens my folks and I can get along. For the nearly 14 days that I was replaced in my old place, and living at Mom. It has now! As of 3pm on Thrusday February 10 we had the Keys. (insert happy dance). Cute huh?

Now we got to pack, and pack, and lift and move and go go go go. Which has been a whirlwind and not left much time for thought, reflection , writing or blogging. which I'm working on. All my supplies have been moved and packed neatly into boxes I can get to. I want to get back to creating to relax, although Wii has been helping with the help.

Besides how can I resist working here:

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