Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princess Dreams


My buggy is 3. I keep saying and writing and looking at those words. They have yet to sink in. 3!!! How did we even get to 3.

Triumphs and challenges. Faith Trust and Pixie Dust. Some days I don't know where I found the strength, some days I don't know how to be without her.

I jumped into a new 30 days of journal prompts. Day 1 was introduce yourself: I am a Mom. That was the first thing I wrote. Then went on to my other roles and what they mean. I always think "I'm a mom" first - but I have yet to see it manifested so openly like that. I think of myself as a mom first. Even when I don't always know what that means.

Looking back that really has shaped the last few years. My priorities, choices, reactions, and efforts are all based on that. Which has caused a lot of changes. Loss of friends, and savings, and personal space. However a friend came back into my life in a way I never thought she would.

This past year would have been so different without Caity. Without the Halloween party (that brought us together), and the Defying Truth Concert (where the truth came out oddly enough). And that trip to Chico (that we'll probably never forget). Now she abandoned me for a handsome boy in San Diego, but I don't think I'll ever be able to thank her for what she's done this year.

Peyton is 3. We made it. Soon we'll be through this mess of potty training and on to reading and math. Then Pre K then Grade School and before I know it she'll be graduating College - AHHHH! It seems like only last week she drew her first "P" - oh wait it was.

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