Sunday, June 22, 2014

The San Diego Airport Story

"what do you think I should write about"
"what about you"
"That I'm cute and cuddly and adorable. I have three dogs, and an auntie and a grandma and a whole ginormous family" (Yes, ginormous is in her vocabulary)

This was my suggestion from P today. As we sit in the San Diego airport. Its funny how life imitates art as art imitates life. As she said this all I could say is, "that is just about all I do talk about, love." My good little traveler is continuing to read as I type which is not usually the case. She's much more likely to be watching netflix, creating epic sagas with her mounds of unusual characters in her room, or splashing in the pools with the dogs. It's a little funny to listen to her read the words as they pour out of my head.

Usually we are not sitting in an airport with 4 hours to go before our flight. Even though this week (that I'll recap in a separate post) has been a very busy one, and totally worth it. I could do without 4 hours at the airport. People watching does make it easier.

Airports have always been an interesting place to me, so much transition, so many people mildly anxious about their next step, about all the things that travel brings. New places, new foods, new sights, or smells. So many ready to go home, much like us, you can see it in their faces. Too much sun, maybe also a few too many cocktails. Recovering from days of rich food and super soft beds lead to feeling a little dazed while awaiting our boarding call. Looking for the comforts of home on the other side of this flight.

killing time

Among the typical airport chaos The World Cup is raging on behind me. While I'm not a soccer fan, the whole process is interesting. I'm glad so see the US doing well, and so many cultures brought together. The tiny airport bar, usually only frequented by day drinkers and business travelers that need use of their outlets, is currently standing room only as fans shout, gasp, and sigh with each turn of events. It makes me want to be more passionate about it, but really I'll probably just continue to admire those dedicated fans and read the recaps tomorrow online.

I think I like airports because of the people they bring together. So many faces, going so many different destinations. A million story-lines to be fulfilled. I'm really a little surprised there aren't more stories that involve airports and their travelers, it all seems so full of potential.

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