Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A dear friend and fellow blogger mentioned my recent sabbatical over drinks on Friday. This is something that has been on my mind quite a bit.
I want to post and it's not for lack of words on pages for me, it's that this has never been a venting space, well at least not without some form of resolution in the works. Lately resolutions have not been my strong point. I start a post, begin to dissect the day to day, and that triggers the stressors of late that cause me to vent. Usually these bitch sessions are short lived and can be edited out but these ones are longer than usual. These ones have been ramblers that make very little sense and are caused by things I have little control over. Which in turn bothers me even more.
I realize that so much of blogging is about bonding and sharing lives and seeing others' lives but I never want this to be anyone elses' burden.So please be patient with me as I continue to edit out the blah and fine happier words. I hope to be back soon and may even be a guest on Beyond The Clothing soon.

Hope everyone is well. Tell me how you relieve stress.

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