Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Helping Daddy turn 65 with some love for Canva

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This adorable invitation went out to 50 of my dads closest friends last week:
When mom asked for help finding a fun invitation I asked a very busy friend, and when it got close to crunch time, I went to find my own solution. I looked up one of the tools I found at my work conference and decided to put it to good use. Canva is a wonderful free resource for photo editing. It is no Photoshop in it's capabilities, but if you don't own Photoshop or just aren't terribly interested in getting extreme with it, this may be a perfect site to use. I've found it a great resource for blog images, editing photos for Facebook and Twitter, and now inviting our family and friends to celebrate.

So Canva is so sweet and simple, they even offer wonderful premium elements for only $1 each.
Here are the basics:

That's a very rough basic run-down, and with each image I tend to spend lots of time tweaking fonts, altering sizes, and changing elements. It is a great resource for any blogger looking to spice up their blog images.

What is your favorite tool for blogging?

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