Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Return of the DJ

DJ, HOUSE, PRIME2 years ago, one of my last posts prior to my hiatus featured The DJ. Well I guess I didn't go into much about him really, just that he existed and was an inspiration for why we are drawn to passionate types.

Then he was new, we were working out our expectations of each other and really ourselves. The short story is the last 2 years have been great and he'll continue to be part of the DreamTeam.
He's still a DJ known as Artimus Prime and regardless of what pays the bills, music is his passion. And regardless how much I understand listening to his music speak there a higher level of appreciation and camaraderie to listen to him 'geek out' over music makes me feel less of an obscure artsy type when it comes to all my expressive and reflective activities. And even explores that side of me further... encouraging things like my Hooping Habit and our trip to Burning Man in 2014.

What's even better is that we can spend time practicing our separate arts, together. Its like having a permanent soundtrack to work from! I'll go swoon elsewhere now.

Photo credit goes to Samantha Madnick over at

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