Friday, November 26, 2010

finding the perfect place to land

We've begun our search. The eternal search for a home. I lived in the same house my whole childhood. Momma and Daddy are going on 30 years in our simple home, with the same neighbors. I think the only thing that's really changed are the colors of the paint and the pets in the yard.

Its funny how much the MLS search can show you about a house. I can see in the Kitchen, where I'd put my mixer, and the Cuisinart. The living room where I'd put an overstuffed chair, and a rug for Ellie.

When the world is pounding the Hectic Holidays down my throat I get to day dream a bit about my favorite things of the new places. I get to decorate a living room I've never been in and make it a home I've always wanted. Now if only the really house shopping day would hurry up and get here!

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