Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Incase I thought I might become uninspired

I've been on a great roll. Really putting so many things on paper and it seems to be helping to relieve the things I carry around. Mentally, anyway my purse has recently gotten considerably heavier.

As I continue to commit myself to these projects and the journey I'm on I seem to have more and more inspiration piled into my world. Some are new a few great blogs, some new supplies, and a I've been hollowing out a little me time. ooh and the September issue of Vogue just came out (also known as the bible).

Others are things that I can't help but wonder if I've just not been looking hard enough. Things like the cut foil off the top of a wine bottle, that perfect round circle. I have started collecting them and certainly see a work inspired page in my future. I've stopped getting mad at the dog for tearing up her toys, because I can steal the frayed edges and little bits of fabric. Frosting smears worked well after making cupcakes Saturday. Chunks of crayon, Peyton's messy paint hands, lace as a texture stencil, candy wrapper chains (I don't think I'd made one in 10 years), nail polish, nail polish remover, makeup sponges, cotton balls, and a dozen other things that I have around for no particular reason that have found a new purpose.


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