Friday, September 17, 2010

Fantastic Futile Friendly Famous Friday

Today has been an odd day of sorts. Many things are going on and one very important thing hasnt been going on. Peyton has not been sleeping through the night. Up once or twice every night this week. She was on such a great roll before that too! If she wont potty train the very very least she could do is sleep for me. But in the end she is just as ornery as I was once. (and maybe still am)

I've got a penpal again. I forget how much I miss him when we lose touch. He's got this pain I want so bad to heal; at the same time can strip me down to nothing. He sees a part of me no one else including me does and I never quite know how to deal with him. I don't know how to let myself let him in, but I am trying.
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I wrote him a letter, pen to paper, put a stamp on it letter. I think everyone should write letters, all the time. Lots and lots of letters. They brighten many days and getting any mail is a little fun.

I want to start him a book. Get a moleskin and dedicate it to him, mail it out when we're done. Has anyone made someone else a book? What kind of things do you put in it. We're really close but very rarely see each other - living 3 states apart. I'd love any suggestions anyone can offer!

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