Monday, June 16, 2014

Do you belive in Magic?

TV quotes seem to resonate with me quite well lately. I think I've had a lot of shows on as background noise and every once in a while, something a character says strikes me as such a true statement. These phrases seem to ring some bell and make me stop and write them down. Expect quotes in the future... consider this fair warning.

I really liked this - they all want magic but no one believes. Jess Lively just did an amazing podcast with Noah Kagan that really set this phrase worth responding to. She and Noah got into a discussion Jess's view on vision boards. She really explains about how she thinks Vision Boards (at 25:10) are "results focused" and how damaging that can be. The magical answer, but not understanding the magic.

Here is my magical solution - I wanted to experience less stress in my life. The magical part? I wasn't taking any steps to feel that way. Somehow I just expected that while continuing trudging through and continuing to stare at my mile long to-do list, eventually it would just get better. And some days it was better, then I would slip back in, back to coming home, throwing a frozen lasagna in the oven, trying to clean, or start laundry or something. Then getting frustrated. Then ending up sitting down with a glass of wine feeling completely overwhelmed.  Which wasn't working. 

So genuine blogger confession, I'm not entirely sure where to go with this metaphor. I'm currently torn between making a link between a spell book to fix all the problems and the theory that there really is no magic to getting what you want. Just a focused picture of where you want to go. I don't entirely love either of these options.

A spell book sounds too easy, a checklist of ingredients, a few words of incantation and POOF. But in someways its the most accurate to the current situation. I became less stressed out, less overwhelmed and less frustrated by baby steps. Small checklists, chipping away at chores and projects. A schedule and some affirmations to keep me on the right path.

But maybe that spell book is all an illusion, a falsehood, a security blanket. Maybe when we give up our security blanket is the only time we can really shine.

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